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    2021-09-16 17:53:55| 來源:內蒙古中公教育

    1. We did not hire additional help because Mr. Danforth has assured us that he can complete the project by _______.

    A. he B. his C. himself D. him

    2. This is not an economical way to get more water; ______, it is very expensive.

    A. on the other hand B. on the contrary

    C. in short D. or else

    3. The school’s system of serving lunch needs ______. It is too slow.

    A. to reorganize B. reorganized

    C. being reorganized D. reorganizing

    4. In recent years many football clubs ______ as business to make a profit.

    A. have run B. have been run C. had been run D. will run

    5. — I’m sorry. I _____ at you the other day.

    — Forget it. I was a bit out of control myself.

    A. shouldn’t shout B. shouldn’t have shouted

    C. mustn’t shout D. mustn’t have shouted

    6. Mo Yan was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2012, ______ made one of the Chinese people’s long held dreams come true.

    A. it B. that C. what D. which

    7. There are several ______ between our new photocopier and our old one: these include an advanced colour facility and a multitask option.

    A. similarities B. similarly C. similar D. similar to

    8. In ______, the company owns and operates four television stations.

    A. addition B. plus C. also D. more

    9. There is much that science still cannot explain, such as what existed before our universe began, how life ______ arose on earth, and much more.

    A. repeatedly B. undoubtedly

    C. naturally D. conventionally

    10. ______ you want to receive additional information regarding the services we offer, please log onto our website at www. healthclub.com today.

    A. If B. For C. Despite D. Whether




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