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    2021-08-26 16:27:25| 來源:內蒙古中公教育


    ⑴ 并列(標志詞:And、or、 similarly/ likewise/ as well(as) / either…or/ neither…nor)

    【例1】The drive to discover is deeply rooted in humans, much the same as the basic drives for 11 or shelter, says Christopher Hsee of the University of Chicago. (2018英二)

    [A] pay [B] food [C] marriage [D] schooling


    ⑵ 順承(標志詞:then/ after/ before/ until/ eventually/as)

    【例2】 5 a spouse has been selected; each family investigates the other to make sure its child is marrying into a good family. (2016英一)

    [A] Although [B] Lest [C] After [D] Unless

    本題題干分號前“ 選擇了自己的對象”,分號后“每個家庭都能會去調查對方家庭來確保他們的孩子嫁到好人家”。根據語義判斷,兩部分內容在語義上為前后關系,C項最為合適。

    ⑶ 遞進(標志詞:even/ besides/ moreover/furthermore/ indeed/ in addition/ not only…but also)

    【例3】Without jobs to give their lives meaning, people will simply become lazy and depressed. 6 , today’s unemployed don’t seem to be having a great time. (2017英二)

    [A] Instead [B] Indeed [C] Thus [D] Nevertheless


    ⑷總分(標志詞:①分:such as/ for example/ for instance/particularly/ in particular/ like;②總:in general/ generally/ in conclusion/ in brief/ on the whole)

    【例4】At night, scan the horizon for 17 light sources, such as fires and streetlights, then walk toward the glow of light pollution. (2019英一)

    [A] hidden [B] mysterious [C] artificial [D] limited

    本題題干提問為 的光源,后面such as(例如)是解題的關鍵,“例如火和路燈”,“例如”表示總分關系,也表示列舉,這兩個為人造光源,所以正確答案為C,A隱藏的,B神秘的,D有限的均不合適。

    ⑸ 因果(標志:①因:due to/ since/ because/ as/ attribute (…) to…

    ②果:so/ so (…) that/ thus/ consequently/ lest/ as a result/ in consequence)

    【例5】Strangers are inherently unfamiliar to us, so we are more likely to feel 9 when communicating with them compared with our friends and acquaintances. (2015英二)

    [A] comfortable [B] confident [C] anxious [D] angry

    本題題干逗號前“陌生人對我們來說是陌生的”,逗號后“所以相比于和我們的朋友和熟人,和陌生人交流時,我們很可能感覺 ”。這里有一個so連接上下句,“陌生”對應C焦慮,不舒適。所以C為正確選項。





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